Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trend alert; FRINGED

Hey I don't mean nicki minaj guys, play along, am talking fringe dresses, shoes, bags, bikinis, you know where am going with this ryt? They are coming back, yes you heard it here first. But are we ready for it? Do we want to rock it, is it too old school? Too tres non than tres chic? More hobo than boho?  Too many question marks? But I tell you somebody, this is look will earn you loadz of appreciative stares...  You'll always get "your so brave, but I could never pull that off" but it will totally be worth it. I like to see myself, not as fashion foward, but fashion courageous! So there are no fences here, I ordered me a suede fringe jacket and am gna make a fab outfit out of it. Here are a few ways to rock the trend,

The fringe bag

Depending on the length of the fringe it is usually a statement purse, that can be rocked casual chic. But if the style of the purse is more sophisticated it can go to an evening look.

The fringe jacket
Fringe jackets give off the same vibes as a leather jacket, it's more edgy chic, it's usually the statement of an outfit, so it's safe to play down your outfit so you don't look like your trying too hard. 

The fringe bikini, skirt, pants and shoes; 

Fringe on fringe might be a little too much

Yes I think so too. 

Would you rock the fringe trend. I will!