Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Aso ebi trend; cropped blouses

So I recently noticed this sweet trend, the cropped blouse in our native fashion,and I thought to share it on here. Lately we have been taking our daily fashion to weddings and events in our Ankara, laces and gorges, and it's refreshing to see how versatile our native fashion is. When I first noticed it, I told myself I have to make my own cropped blouse, not because it's trending, but because the cr trend is so me, it would suit my body type, and I really wanted to see how well I could pull it off. Let's just say, after random sampling of the trend, the only thing that almost came between me and full success was my tailor. He just didn't see why a blouse should be so short, and he wanted to force his own idea down my throat. I hate that, but in the end, I was victorious. Now would I rock it to church? Er..... Maybe, but I'd rather my tummy be fully covered. In all, I had a fantastic time grooving to yoruba songs and still looking fab doing it. Am guessing that's the whole point of the idea. Looking fab! Here are a few ideas on how to rock it, but guys.... It would be nice if you put your own spin to it. 



Yours truly @hifashiononline

So guys, hope you'd buy into the trend. Be well... Xo