Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back necklaces?

Theres a question mark because I don't really think people might flow with this iidea but check it out. With the increase in low cut back dresses, it's improbable that a lot jewellery will be used.... I mean, drama in front, drama out back, drama every where. Don't mind me am getting carried away. But think about leaving the wow factor at the back, letting ur back speak for ur outfit? I think it's a pretty good idea if done in moderation 

For instance

We all know that if we are gna travel that route we had better transfer the hook towards the pendants or halfway smwhere on the chain, biko not in front of your neck for every one to see.  or you end up looking like your having a hard time keeping your jewellery in front. We wouldn't want that. Another problem might be that choking feeling you get when smthing is hanging backwards on your neck, your not choking but an it's unfamiliar feeling for your neck, this might cause you to start to fiddle with your necklace thus ruining the entire point. In other words, only the confident can rock it.

I for one will sit on the fence with this one... Though it looks good, but when done wrong could ruin your outfit.