Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to style oxford shoes

The oxford shoes,  low leather shoe with lacing over the instep, are versatile and timeless. You can find them in many styling options as bicycle toe, cap toe, round toe, Algonquin toe… You can choose between all these types according to the occasion, from casual to formal. There is always a pair of oxford shoes that fits the bill. If you spend your days at a desk and in meetings go for oxford shoes. They add a dose of style to every outfit and give you a polished look. They also offer you an abundance of comfort features and are great for a day out with friends. In this post you can see different ways to style them.... You don't have to leave them to fashion foward people, they are super comfortable, and just like with every other fashion outfit , needs confidence to work with them, I just got mine and when I style it , I'll upload the pictures, some come with heels, others are flat, Oxford shoes are so in now

The oxford shoes can be worn all-year round.  Take a look at the photos below, see the various styles and colors, and find your perfect shoes. Enjoy!