Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to rock the floral trend; hi fashion online weekly challenge top picks

So I want to thank every one who participated in the weekly challenge, the turn out was impressive, I didnt expect it.,... 
So here are ways to rock florals as seen by our fellow Nigerian fashionistas


She rocked this floral gown with played down accessories  white strapped sandals and a cute smile to complete the look. When it comes to florals..... Depending on the size of the prints, it's essential to keep the accessories toned down.... She rocked it

This outfit is the fun and flirty side of florals, paired with a structured bag and flats, she's casual chic and good to go, and a good choice too because with the annoyingly hot weather here, florals give a positive outlook and a playful air!! Thumbs up girl!!


Bold florals, a playful pout and pearl earrings, we couldn't see her legs tho but we like what we are seeing here. Like I said people, played down accessories chic up the look... You go girl!!!



Now this is fabulous, the rush of color paired with the nude sandals matching but also played down accessories, totally chic!!! She's dinner ready, church ready and wedding ready all in one look! The long wrap elongated her figure and it's totally stunning... #hifashion

The oleku trend is now more versatile than ever, she rocks this lovely floral wrapper with a lace blouse and red accessories,..... I like that she went for a shorter wrap, she looks confident and chic without drowning herself in fabric... Thumbs up girl!!!

These are our top 5 looks of the week, in no particular order and in the categories of outfits... Thanks for sending in the pictures guys.... 
Stay tuned for the next challenge on Monday.... Mmwah!