Friday, May 30, 2014

Street style ways to mix match patterns

There are so many awesome street style ways to mix and match patterns! To be honest, mixing and matching seems to be the new norm. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors - all you'll be doing is looking like a serious fashionista! Check out some of my favorite ways to mix and match patterns. If you have outfit ideas/tips, share them in the comments section. 


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with floral. A floral top/skirt can be used as a solo statement piece for your outfit, but why not match it with another one? Pair different floral patterns and you'll be surprised at just how good it looks together. This is just one of the cool street style ways to mix and match patterns!


For a totally cute look, pair oversized pieces (like sweater dresses) with alluring lace. It's a trend I've been meaning to try for a while and will definitely get around to this spring/summer! Mixing and matching lace with different types of fabrics is such a cute look.


Polka dots are so adorable to wear in the spring/summer. It's already quite a statement piece but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pair it with another fun print. If you're rocking a polka-dot top, pair it with printed pants. Or, if you're choosing polka-dot pants, pair it with a printed top! Either way, you'll be making an awesome fashion statement wherever you go.


I've seen this look a few times and I think it's great. Stripes tend to be people's go-to pattern but it's usually just paired with basic jeans/shorts. This time, pair it with ANOTHER pattern. Perhaps a maxi skirt? If the colors look good together, the mixing and matching of patterns will work!


A lot of people find the plaid pattern to be a bit 'overwhelming'. I, for one, love it! You can either rock plaid on plaid, which looks awesome. Or, pair your plaid pants/skirt/top with a different patterned counter piece. Remember, you can mix and match patterns so long as the colors complement each other!


This season, it's all about sweet pastel colors. It's a soft, feminine touch to any outfit. Don't be afraid to mix the different colors - such as a baby pink and mint green. The two match fabulously together. You can also try matching different pastel colors such as lavender and teal. Experiment with your favorite colors and you'll have no problem finding a cute outfit!


Some people tend to stray away from the whole denim-on-denim look, but I think it's awesome! It might sound like a little 'too much' but believe me, it works. If you love making a fashion statement, try mixing and matching different types of denim. It could be different washes or styles and it'll still look fab. My favorite is pairing denim cut offs with a chambray shirt. 

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome street style ways that you can mix and match patterns! Granted, there are countless patterns/colors you can experiment with and look fab - these are just some ideas. How do you like to mix and match patterns? Of the list, which look is your favorite? 

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In now; doubled up rings

rings have been such a huge trend lately. You can find them in tons of styles from super simple and dainty to intricate and chunky rings. You can wear more than one, and it doesn’t matter where you place them on your fingers. There is something for everyone. You can also find styles with rhinestones and chains, in gold and silver, you name it. Get busy making different sets and combinations of colors.

Forget every day ring wear and change things up by going bold, playing with layering and upscaling your gems. We look at our fingers a lot, so why don’t you make them look interesting? Browse through the photos below and find your ringspiraion.

Personal favorite *wink*

What do you think? Double up?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to wear collared shirts

There are so many fantastic ways to wear a collared shirt. I think they add an instant "cool and sophisticated" vibe to any outfit. The cool thing about collared shirts is that you can layer it under other shirts while still keeping your outfit light and airy. Check out some of the cool ways to wear a collared shirt and then let me know which looks your favorites are! 


You can never go wrong with leather, right? I think it'll always be a big fashion trend. Go traditional with a black + white outfit and rock a white collared shirt with some leather leggings or shorts. This is just one of the ways to wear a collared shirt!


As much as I love a good pop of color, I love neutral-colored outfits. To recreate this look, get a white collared shirt and layer it under a neutral-colored (like beige) blouse. Then, wear it with a white high-waisted skirt. The colors are very subtle and will keep you looking cute during spring!


If you're going for a Taylor Swift-esque vibe, the preppy chic way is the way to go. Collared shirts just scream out preppy. Am I right, ladies?! Try a basic white polo and pair it with a pretty pastel color - I'm loving pink! By adding white shoes and a white clutch, it gives the outfit an instant girly feel. It's perfect for running errands, grabbing lunch with your gal pals, or just taking a stroll in warm spring weather.


As much as I love solid-colored button ups, I adore the ones with funky prints on them. I think it's a bold way to make a fashion statement at any time. Since it is such a statement piece, keep everything else really basic. Try a denim skater skirt, it's very stylish. Also, try and keep the accessories to a minimum.


I'm obsessed with the whole high-waisted look. Whether it be high-waisted shorts, skirts, or jeans, it's a fabulous look to rock. If you're going to wear some high-waisted jeans, pair it with a collared button-up shirt. Try out a fun print as It's very hipster-chic.


Crew neck sweaters have become a must-have in my closet. They're stylish without having the bulge of a hoodie. A cool way to rock a collared shirt is to wear it underneath your crew neck sweater! I like the idea of going all black - black skinnies and black collared shirt. Then, pick a fun color/graphic sweater to wear on top. It'll contrast really nicely and give you some major style points.


I'm a huge fan of chambray shirts. I think they are breezy, stylish, and look great with everything. I'll usually mine with black skinnies and combat boots; it's become my go-to outfit! However, I think it's awesome when people pair chambray shirts with jeans. The whole denim-on-denim look is actually a huge trend at the moment. The cut-off shoulders chambrays usually have a really fun print on the collar! 

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many cool ways to wear a collared shirt. How do you like to style your collared shirts? Let's share outfit ideas/tips in the comments section! Which look will you be recreating? 

The nautical trend

Hello my fashion divas! The look seems to make a comeback every summer — with no plans of going out of style. When we say nautical style, to mind come lobster-print belts, cable knit sweaters tied around the shoulders, and snooty yacht clubs. Check out our picks below and find your favorites.

Get your wardrobe ready for summer fun, stay cool and look hot. Mix the classic seafaring colors and a few stripes to your wardrobe to master it without getting into deep water. The nautical style always looks good in summer.

Wear the nautical trend. No sailboat required.

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I’m bringing my favorite trend closer to you. You can easily incorporate this style with these nautical fashion pieces from horizontal stripes to red, to white and blue color combinations. Get inspiration from the photos and learn how to make this look work for you. Drop your anchors, ladies!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fashion finds; jogger pants

There are so many awesome ways that you can rock the jogger pants trend this spring. It's definitely in style, I've seen them everywhere! I think it's such a cool look and the pants kind of add this instant "edgy" vibe to your outfit. You can dress the pants up or down - depending on how you want your outfit to look. Check out some of the cool ways you can rock the jogger pants trend. If you have any other ideas/tips, share them in the comments section. 


You can never go wrong with leather, right? I think it can add an instant cool and edgy vibe to any outfit. Stars like Selena Gomez have rocked the leather jogger pants and you can too. Pair your leather joggers with a graphic tee or a denim button up. Denim and leather look great together. You can find leather joggers on This is just one of the ways that you can rock the jogger pants trend.


I love this! It's such a girly and feminine way to rock this trend. You can find some silk jogger pants Silk jogger pants allow you to dress up the outfit, making it look sophisticated and classy. Are you a fan of this look?


Prints are always so much fun to rock. It's an easy way to make a fashion statement. Pair your printed jogger pants with a plain tee, so it's not too overwhelming. I love the leather jacket in this look. Major style points, right? You can find printed jogger pants on


I absolutely the combination of black and gold. I think it looks great together. You can find sparkly gold joggers on (along with so many other fantastic items). I think this look is very street-chic. I love the boots and the white collared shirt underneath the black sweater.


I'm obsessed with this look. Denim joggers look amazing paired with anything. I love the flowy printed tank in this look. It makes the outfit really girly and feminine. You can find denim joggers I love the light acid wash of the denim. It's very cute!


One of the easiest ways to rock the jogger pants trend is to pair it with a crop top. You can opt for a fun printed shirt, or a classic black or white crop top. It'd look great with printed joggers or solid colors. What kind of crop top would you pair your jogger pants with?


I think graphic tees add an instant edgy vibe to any outfit. So I love the idea of having it paired with some jogger pants. I like that these joggers are a neutral grey color. It goes with the pop of red on the tee. Of course, no look is complete without some leather. I love the leather vest and black cross body bag. It totally completes the outfit, don't you think? 

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome ways you can start to rock the jogger pants trend. Of the list, which look is your favorite? How do you like to wear your jogger pants? Share outfit ideas and/or tips in the comments section! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hi fashion weekly challenge; the midi skirt

Hello guys, it's a new week, a new challenge, midi skirts, we know the drill, thanx to those who participated last tym.
The midi skirt has been en-trend for a while now,i mean It has stayed longer than expected in the fashion scene, midi skirts are skirts that go below the knee and. Above the ankle, and because it's so chic, we are loving it this week, here are a few ways to rock the midi skirt


Rock your midi skirts in corporate chic for those goin to work this week like me, pair with comfortable heels, comfortable being the word. We don't want to come off as single and desperately searching if you know what I mean, Lol. You could also pair with flats, a nice shirt or blouse and your office ready


This is a not so serious approach to midi skirts... Play with colours, pair with crop tops and organza, add you own spin and trade in heels for sneakers, midi skirts are super versatile and can be truly a go-to outfit for those "when in doubt" moments.


 Yes yes yes... The all black all white combos, gotta love Em.... You could add a pop of color to them tho or just keep Em neutral,we are loving them either ways


It's the season of lace ladies, I mean, the prices of cord lace has sky rocketed in the market so much so that the average igbo woman can no longer afford to buy an august meeting material.... Alright am joking, but lace has taken over my darlings and yes they come in midi penciled skirts... Aren't they just wonderful .... LOL

ALRIGHT, these are but a few ideas, now show us how u rock your midis, thigh high slits, exaggerated heels, pops of color? Tag me on Instagram and Twitter @hifashiononline or send your pics to my mailbox join the challenge fashion lovers and have a fabulist week

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to style oxford shoes

The oxford shoes,  low leather shoe with lacing over the instep, are versatile and timeless. You can find them in many styling options as bicycle toe, cap toe, round toe, Algonquin toe… You can choose between all these types according to the occasion, from casual to formal. There is always a pair of oxford shoes that fits the bill. If you spend your days at a desk and in meetings go for oxford shoes. They add a dose of style to every outfit and give you a polished look. They also offer you an abundance of comfort features and are great for a day out with friends. In this post you can see different ways to style them.... You don't have to leave them to fashion foward people, they are super comfortable, and just like with every other fashion outfit , needs confidence to work with them, I just got mine and when I style it , I'll upload the pictures, some come with heels, others are flat, Oxford shoes are so in now

The oxford shoes can be worn all-year round.  Take a look at the photos below, see the various styles and colors, and find your perfect shoes. Enjoy!