Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ways to incorporate your party dresses into your daily outfits

Have you ever had the problem of wearing party pieces during the day because you think they are not appropriate? Make your favourite party pieces work overtime by incorporating them into your daytime wardrobe. If your social calendar is looking a bit bare, bring out your favourite party dresses and jewels during the day instead. Wearing party pieces during the day can add a bit of glitz and glamour to your everyday outfits. The following are a few popular party pieces and how you can incorporate them into your daytime wardrobe. 


Denim is a workhorse of the daytime wardrobe. Use it to tone down your favourite party pieces from pretty frocks to glamorous skirts and sparkly tops. Wear a distressed denim jacket with a party frock or tuck a chambray shirt into a glitzy skirt to make them look much more daytime appropriate. For sparkly, sheer, or lacy tops, tone them down by wearing them with some casual denim jeans.


Sequins and shimmery metallic fabrics might seem too dressy to wear during the day but the key is to mix them up with contrasting textures. Sheer, shiny, and sequin fabrics can be toned down with cosy knits, casual denim, or tough leather pieces. Try teaming satiny tuxedo trousers with a chunky cable knit sweater or a sheer dress with a beat-up leather jacket for contrast.


Mastering the art of layering will do wonders for increasing the versatility of your wardrobe. Try slipping a cotton t-shirt under a strappy dress or wear a shirt, tied at the waist, over the top of a dress. Getting creative with layers can increase the number of outfit options in your wardrobe and help you get more wear out of your favourite party clothes.


When it comes to your footwear, stick to flat shoes during the day. A pair of brogues can instantly dress down an elegant frock or tuxedo trousers. Ankle boots are also a great option. It’s all about anchoring an elegant daytime look with casual and slightly rugged shoes.


Avoid incorporating too many party pieces into one outfit. Stick to one statement piece or focal point. It could be a sequined skirt, embellished bag, or statement heels. Whatever you choose, make it the main focus of your outfit and keep the rest of your outfit minimal and relaxed.


You can wear your favourite cocktail jewellery during the day. For example, a bejewelled necklace is a great way to jazz up a daytime outfit. Wear one with a collared shirt or sweater for a casual and on-trend look. Alternatively, stack up your favourite bangles and bracelets for a fun ‘arm party’.


If your favourite party pieces tend to err on the more feminine side of things, play this up by mixing them with some menswear touches during the day. A sheer blouse and tailored pants can make for a smart outfit and teaming a party frock with a bomber jacket is one way of dressing it down for the day.


Teaming a dress or skirt with tights can instantly give it a more casual feel. Black opaque varieties are a popular choice but you could also try coloured tights or patterned varieties to mix things up.


If your favourite party pieces are of the designer variety, try working a high-low mix when incorporating them into your everyday looks. Team designer pieces with thrift store finds and chain store buys to really make the most of the high-low effect. 

This should be the most important of all, consider where you are going to, a really short gown worn with flats might still not be apporpriate for some places, but hey, pair your circle midi skirt with one of your cute body con dresses.... Put on some heels and your office ready! 

The key to making your party pieces work during the day is to create a sense of balance with your overall outfit. It’s about getting that mix of glamour and relaxed dressing right. A general rule of thumb is the dressier your party piece is, the more basic and minimal you should keep the rest of your outfit. How would you incorporate your party pieces into your daytime looks? 
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