Saturday, March 15, 2014

Non staple prices to have in your closet

We all know and own most staple pieces of clothing for our wardrobe such as a LBD, a blazer, and a pencil skirt, but do you know or own any non-staple pieces? Non-staple pieces are pretty much classified as items that are not necessary in your wardrobe, but I beg to disagree! How boring would street fashion be if we all worn jeans with a tee all the time? Instead, let me suggest some non-staple pieces that look great on everyone and can be worn most of the time! 


One of the non-staple pieces I recommend for your closet is a printed blouse. A solid blouse, whether neutral or a bold colour, is convenient no matter how old you are. Blouses are great for many occasions such as interviews, a day at the office or running errands. However, patterned blouses are a great way to add a little extra to your outfit. A patterned blouse paired with a blazer or worn with by itself instantly upgrades yours outfit but can still be just as appropriate as a solid coloured blouse.


On a lazy Sunday or early summer morning, boyfriend jeans are a must! They're comfortable, stylish, go with most types of shoes and tops, and are affordable. The best part of boyfriend jeans is that they look good on all ages and body types. Casual with canvas shoes or dressy with wedges, boyfriend jeans are definitely a non-staple item you should have in your closet.


Chunky sweaters are a must during the cold and rainy seasons. Chunky sweaters are versatile and can be dressed down with ripped jeans and bangles, or dressed up with dark skinny jeans and booties. Plus, today many chunky sweaters can be found with details such as exposed zippers, studs or varying hem lengths thus making them more unique to you.

4) leather jacket

If army jackets are not your taste, a good alternative is a leather jacket. Leather jackets can be worn all the time and can be paired with almost everything. Authentic leather jackets are pricey but they are worth the investment as they tend to look better over time, plus they last longer both quality wise and trend wise. The best part of leather jackets is they make you look badass.


Maxi dresses are perfect for the summer. Plus, if your maxi dress doesn't have a slit, you can wear leggings under your dress , you could pair  with a leather jacket and a chunky necklace you can take your day time maxi dress to the perfect casual dinner outfit. Best of all, maxi dresses look awesome on every one.


Light wash, dark wash, vintage or new, denim jackets are a must! Perfect for a cool summer evening or a warm fall day, denim jackets are a youthful but fashionable must have. Denim jackets come in varying washes, lengths, and details from rips to patches to studs. There's a denim jacket for everyone! The great thing about denim jackets is that they are a classic fashion piece! 

Fashion is unique to each individual so my suggestions may not work for your lifestyle budget or taste. However, that’s the great thing about fashion – you can wear whatever you want. What are some other non-staple items you think every woman should own?