Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily dose of style;lace elegance

The lace clothing continues to be on trends for the upcoming season too. We love lace details cause they’re luxurious and feminine. Why don’t you try to incorporate it in your next outfit? Try a lace dress, lace skirt or maybe a lace blouse. They will make you look ladylike and this is the trend to go for.

I had a feel of the trend myself today as i paired a lace blouse with my pencil skirt for the office, and I traded the skirts with jeans later in the day, and i wish I took pictures but I am yet to train my school children on photography and picture taking... But take my word for it, it is a trend to rock because the weather is so hot right now, it gives your skin a breather.

Lace can add a completely new dimension to your wardrobe. The sensationally soft lace gives an ethereal look while effortlessly creating feminine silhouette. They’re classy, they’re sophisticated and fit both in casual and dressy styles. Browse through the photos below and find your favorites. Enjoy the elegance of lace and be a diva!

Burberry shows us that lace on lace is an 'I do'

I got me one of these lately, can't wait to rock Em

All I have of my outfit today are just selfies... But I promise full pictures ASAP... (Ignore my massive headphones pls...)

Try the trend today and let me know how it goes or tag me on Instagram @hifashiononline a blessed week I pray for you guys amen!