Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Style secrets for the ladies

An impeccable wardrobe is a great foundation, but it’s not enough to be truly stylish and ready for any problem that might impact your flawless look. Discover some of the best secret style tips that professionals use all the time and are happy to share. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll never feel unprepared for a fashion emergency and you’ll learn how easy it is to always look your best.

Zipper Lubricant

Few things can ruin a special occasion like the realization that your zipper is stuck. Forget about zipper problems by getting a cheap zipper lubricant and you’ll never have to completely change your outfit at the last moment before an important evening. A stick of zipper lubricant is small enough to fit in your clutch, so you’ll know that you’ll also easily get out of your outfit at the end of the night.

Doublestick Tape

Using doublestick tape is one of the secret style tips that keep on giving. On one hand, you can make sure you won’t have any accidents when you decide to go for a sexy look. Use it to secure your garments on your cleavage or to keep a mini skirt from rising up. If you have it handy, you can also hem new pants quickly, when you don’t have time to get them altered the right way. Always wondered why Lola volcan's dresses never ride up? Lol

Shoe Stretcher

Some women choose to suffer for fashion, especially when it comes to gorgeous shoes that are tighter than they’re comfortable with. With the help of an adjustable shoe stretcher, you’ll never have to grin and bare the pain of shoes that are too tight. 

Padded Hangers

Thick hangers are a must, but wooden or plastic ones shouldn’t be your top choice. Throw away your wire hangers and upgrade to padded hangers, especially for delicate fabrics. Vintage dresses need careful maintenance, so they should still be stored in boxes, but for everything else, a padded hanger is one of the secret style tips that will keep your clothes looking great for years.

Pencil Erasers

If you’ve even lost an earring, you can stop worrying about the chances of that happening again by simply using pencil erasers. Whether you’re wearing earrings with sentimental value or very expensive ones, simply cut the top of a round pencil eraser and use it to secure your earrings. Pierce it at the back of your ear with the earring and your jewelry will stay put.

Perfume Types

Your fragrance will dissipate faster if you have dry skin and stick around longer on oily skin. That’s where different types of perfume come in. If fragrances usually stick to your skin for too long, you might want to switch to Eau de Cologne, the least concentrated type of fragrance. For dry skin, you might need Eau de Parfum, but never apply it directly on the skin. Spritz it in the air and walk through it, one of the oldest and best secret style tips. What to do when you’re already stuck with a lot of Eau de Toilette? Apply a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on your skin before applying it to make it last longer.

White Chalk

When you’re wearing white, a bit of chalk can help you get rid of any stains in no time. Simply rub it on the stain and you can get back to your pristine look. It works for all types of makeup stains and even for stray liquids that can ruin your look and mood when you can’t change right away.

Thank me later ladies


Most women tend to favor either clutches or totes, but every basic type of bag is important for a stylish wardrobe. If you love bags, but you tend to stick to one shape, discover the 5 bags every woman should own

Once you’re familiar with each handbag and its proper use, you can easily fill in any gaps in your bag collection, making sure that you buy each new piece after analyzing how it coordinates with your outfits. 

Check out the bags every woman should own

Evening Clutch

The most elegant bag you need is the evening clutch. Small enough to fit your phone, keys and credit cards, the evening clutch can be conservative or ultra-modern, but it needs to shine. 

At the top of the list of bags every woman should own, the evening clutch should be purchased based on your evening looks, but doesn’t need any special matching.


A structured top-handle bag is the elegant and practical choice when it comes to the workbag. Mixing style with functionality, your workbag should be in a neutral color, so it rarely clashes with your outfits. 

If you need to carry files or a small laptop or tablet, make sure your structured workbag has a separate compartment in the right size for your work.

Cross-Body Bag

Ideal for most errands, the cross-body bag frees both of your hands, so you can easily text while enjoying your coffee. 

It’s easy to go big when it comes to cross-body bags, so make sure you set a limit of 9-10 inches in diagonal, so you’re never tempted to overstuff your bag. The cross-body is one of the main bags every woman should own, but you don’t have to stick to neutrals as much as for a workbag.

Universal Tote Bag

If you need more space, the tote bag is your top choice. It can double as a baby bag or even beach bag, but it can’t replace the weekender completely. Make sure you choose the right tote for you, depending on the amount of thing you’ll stuff it with. 

Sturdy handles that are also comfortable when you wear it on your shoulder are a good idea.


Well structured and charmingly elegant, the weekender or 48-hour bag can be a statement piece if you’ve got the budget for it. It’s definitely one of the bags every woman should own, retaining its shape even when it’s filled to the brim.

Used for travelling in style, the weekender is also a good choice for any short trip that isn’t suited to your universal tote bag

Daily dose of style

Hi guys... Am so so sorry for my late posts, who could have thought network will be this bad in ogun state, yes I have moved to my place of primary assignment and the network hasn't been favorable. Will put up posts every weekend till I find a suitable way to connect daily... 
In the meantime, here's your daily dose of style for the week

I promise to find a lasting solution to this problem, be good guys

Thursday, January 23, 2014

fashion finds: socks and heels

so i came across this delightful post on one of my favorite fashion websites and i was really inspired,
heres what it said:
Hey Fashion Divas, today I was inspired by one girl, while walking down the streets. She was wearing mini skirt, heels, sun glasses… but the most interesting part were the socks. Yes, she was wearing socks in a combination with heels and skirt and it looks fabulous, lovely, gorgeous… I’m speechless. So, my post is called “Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now”.
Layer a pair of unique, printed or not socks under your heels and walk down the street. It would change the entire look of the shoes you are wearing and the whole outfit will look different!
The girls from the gallery below will give you all the reasons why you need to wear this trend now! Be cool, chick and seductive girl. The trend of Socks and Heels Spring 2014 is already here and it is up to you to follow it or not!
 Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now

 Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now

Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now

 Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now
 Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now

 Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Now

 Socks and Heels Spring 2014 | Trend You Can Wear Nowso what do u think guys? yay or nay?

tutorial: How to: Apply False Eyelashes (Easy + Beginner-Friendly).

hi guys, ok this weeks tutorial will teach us how to apply false lashes by our selves and its pretty easy. tried it and got it the first time, its way classier than the synthetic lashes and it transforms your look
all you need are
1) tweezers
2) adhesive (bonding or any eye adhesive you have)
3) false lashes
4) mascara
and your good to go.... enjoy the tutorial and leave your opinions

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

know your prints; the print called GINGHAM

Hi guys, as fashion divas and divos it's very necessary that we know not just how to wear what we wear, but that we know exactly what we are wearing, so today's fashion education we'll focus on the print called GINGHAM
Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain woven fabric  made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn. It is made of carded or combed, medium or fine yarns,where the colouring is on the warpyarns and always along the grain (weft). Gingham has no right or wrong side with respect 

Gingham- Gingham usually comes in a checkered pattern and is distinguished by white and colored, even-sized checks. This pattern is formed by horizontal and vertical stripes (usually of the same color) that cross each other on a white background to form even checks.  Gingham originated as a striped pattern when it was first imported in the 17th century and had become woven into a check pattern during the mid-18th century, with blue and white being the most popular choice in color.

When most people refer to Gingham Prints, they quickly turn to picnic, and with the all honesty, who wants to be reminded of a picnic table cloth, or any thing picnic related when a wearing a Gingham Printed garment, I know I wouldn't, so that's where I come in. 

3 Tips for How to Not Look Like a Tablecloth   
Don't be afraid to go for more bold Gingham prints, try to venture away from the red and blue, wearing different colors would allow you to get creative an create a fun but unexpected twist on such a timeless print.

When wearing vintage style Gingham prints, try mixing in modern pieces to make this look more trendy and less grandma-ish.

Smaller Gingham prints looks less like a tablecloth, but if you're wearing a much larger print, adding a nude color will balance out your look.

DIY Tuesday; all things fab

Hi fashion online is a source for inspiration, advices you and helps you to make fashionable DIY Ideas. Today your always faithful – Fashion Addict is here with a new gallery of fantastic do it yourself, easy to make and cheap projects that will make you richer, more confident and beautiful. I have step by step pictures and you need only to follow them to succeed. All of the projects are so challenging and you must try it at home. The sandals and the shoes are like the ones in the stores and this is also true for the clutches.

If you want to update your wardrobe without spending a fortune, try these fashionable diy ideas below. You will transform your old pieces of clothes and shoes into new brand designs. these fashionable DIY ideas will inspire you how to update and transform them into stylish and fashionable, ready to wear outfits. These do it yourself clothing ideas are a great cost-effective way to update your wardrobe in an easy and a cheap way
 12 Fashionable DIY Ideas

 12 Fashionable DIY Ideas
 12 Fashionable DIY Ideas

 12 Fashionable DIY Ideas

enjoy!! my favorite is the clutch

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fashion finds; tulle skirt

Tulle skirts are fashionable girly pieces and are great if you want to look like a princess. They’re not only for ballerinas anymore. You can see them on the streets more often nowadays. Even Carrie Bradshaw loved them and had them in her wardrobe. They’re super feminine and you can make many looks featuring tulle skirts.

You can make a trendy look by adding accessories. For a casual look pair them with your favorite pair of Converse while for a more glamorous look put on your high heels. Discover how to wear tulle skirts by taking a look at the photos below. See how these fashionista bloggers combined them. Enjoy!

So what do you say? Hi fashion? Or nay fashion? Lol.... Have a blessed weekend

Hi fashion meets; Ofure Ohkifo

She's a Madonna law graduate with a flair for acting and anything entertainment, my first make up tutor and a very good friend of mine. 

She's a very creative young lady with a ready smile, always ready to crack you up. She's currently working on her first movie which will be on the big screen soon enough, so if you ever hear of Ofure Okifo, remember you read it here first!

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Friday fashion

So I took my own advice and went for a full skirt today as we aren't really allowed to wear trousers in the school where I teach.... I chose retro, it's really my favorite look.

Floral blouse, full skirt and my little scarf with the nerd glasses
So TGIF ladies, cos am especially grateful it's Friday. 
Fabulous weekend to you all

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Street style ways to wear a full skirt

The full skirt is definitely having a fashion moment and there are plenty of ways to wear a full skirt to suit your style. While it’s typically a quite ladylike garment, with a bit of styling you can make it work to suit all sorts of occasions. Midi length skirts seem to be the most popular choice this season but shorter skater skirts are also a stylish option. If you’re in need of some outfit inspiration then take a look at these street style ways to wear a full skirt.


When looking at ways to wear a full skirt, try experimenting with unexpected styles. Amelia was snapped by Suzanne Middlemass wearing a full skirt made from PVC material. She teams the skirt with a furry sweater, boxy coat, compact clutch, and ballet flats. The PVC skirt is an edgy take on a usually ladylike style. The high-shine effect of the skirt also adds some interesting texture to the all black outfit.


This outfit was photographed by Stacey Young in Seoul. Check skirts and dresses are popular this season and look great teamed with basics. Here they look pretty preppy teamed with a black blouse, bow scarf, and lace up ankle boots. Midi length skirts can be tricky to pull off, so stick to skirts that hit at or above the knee if you’re unsure of how to work the full skirt this season.


The full skirt silhouette is very retro, so play this up when styling your skirts this season. This outfit was photographed by Victoria Adamson for Refinery 29. The chevron striped skirt is a statement maker and looks chic teamed with a matching coloured sweater, cat eye sunglasses, and structured handbag. Try recreating this outfit with a patterned skirt for a similarly stylish look.


This outfit is definitely not for the faint hearted! Eunsun was snapped by Mark Iantosca wearing this fluorescent number. She mixes a fluorescent full skirt with a bright pink clutch and anchors it all with a futuristic silver t-shirt. Strappy heels and colourful jewellery complete this eye catching outfit.


Work a casual look by teaming a full skirt with a chunky knit sweater. Kari was photographed by Julien Babigeon wearing a lovely teal skirt with a cream cable knit sweater and ballet flats. She also carries a large canvas tote which is perfect for holding all the daily essentials. You could easily wear a similar outfit to school or for running weekend errands.


Mariann from Cashmere In Style sticks to a shorter hemline when wearing her full skirt. It’s a flirty look that she styles with a grey printed sweater, collared shirt, and pointed pumps. She accessorises with a bright red handbag, jewel necklace, and tortoiseshell sunglasses for a playful, preppy look.


Leather and leather-look skirts seem to be becoming a wardrobe staple. Instead of a short mini skirt try a full, pleated style this season. Jane was spotted on Stockholm Streetstyle wearing her pleated leather skirt with a plain grey top, wayfarer sunglasses, and a chain link handbag. Some silver bow heels added a touch of glamour to this daytime look.


Pink is one of the hottest colours for fall and winter. Try working this season’s must have colour trend by wearing a pretty pink skirt, like this outfit photographed by Anthea Sims on the streets of New York. It’s quite a feminine look and you can play up the ladylike aspect by teaming a pink skirt with a fitted sweater and court shoes.


Dress down a full skirt by teaming it with sporty separates and accessories. Bea was spotted on Stockholm Streetstyle wearing her full skirt with a cropped long-sleeved top, sneakers, and a slouchy beanie. This sporty street style look shows that there’s more to the full skirt than polished, ladylike outfits.

When it comes to styling a full skirt this season, the options seem to be endless. Glam one up with ladylike heels and plenty of jewellery or dress it down for a more casual approach. How would you style a full skirt this season?