Monday, December 23, 2013

Daily dose of style; monochromatic clothes

Hey divas, today's dose of style suggests monochromatic clothes as a way to spice up your ward robe and also an easier way of stylishly matching up your clothes especially if you have no idea of what to wear. For people who do not like to follow fashion trends, this post is for you. It's unique and really stylish and doesn't necessarily require too much work, in other words, it's not rocket science.... Lol,
So we don't get it twisted, monochrome isn't just black and white, but outfits made of one colour.... Every colour has a variety of shades, thus it's easier to match, here are so e monochromatic ideas to inspire you.....

Hopefully you get the drift, they are really easy to try out and super stylish don't you think?