Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to dress an apple shaped body

So I put up a post on dressing plus size ladies, and since we have different body types . I have decided to put up posts on different body types and today we'll discuss the apple body type

Apple-shaped women are fuller around the middle. If they gain weight, it shows up around their belly and upper body. They’re usually larger-breasted and their upper arms and shoulders are broader, too. Their legs tend to be thin and their butts tend to be flat.

As a quick reminder you have an apple body shape when:

  • You have no defined waist
  • Weight tends to form on the stomach
  • Average to large bust size

Which garments are good for an apple body shape?


  • First of all, since a lot of attention is going to be drawn to the top part of your body, get yourself a good fitting bra.
  • Tops that highlight your body at the slimmest point which is often just underneath your bust. They should have enough space for your belly but not be too wide

  • Buy t-shirts that are ruched in the middle. This will confuse the eye and you can’t tell that there’s a big tummy underneath.
  • Get Tops with a V-neck to break up the size of your chest and create a lean line.

  • Look for tops with a thicker texture that don’t cling so much. Woven tops can be great.
  • Patterns tend to look very good on a apple shape body as they flatter and camouflage.
  • Tops should cover the whole belly area and end just below the hip bone.
  • Shirts look nicest when they are tight just onderneath the boobs and then go out. Also try to get the v shape with your shirts.
  • Choose tailered jackets that have a nice v shape at the top.
  • Having a tie at the waist is great as it highlights the waist and hides the belly.
  • A straight duster coat that ends just above the knee will create a nice long silhouette.
  • Make sure that the jacket fits the shoulder perfectly, so choose the size for your shoulders, not your belly. If you can’t close the jacket, you can always use a scarf to fill the gap if you like.
  • Dresses should have their waistline just below the bust.
  • It’s always good to have some detailing on the tummy area for camouflage.


  • Get trousers that have zippers at the side to avoid adding extra bumps on the front.
  • Trousers should be wide or straight and not cling to tummy or thighs.
  • Also choose jeans that are tailored and wide legged.
  • It’s best to get trousers with some stretch for extra comfort and a good fit.
  • Choose skirts that have their zippers at the side.
  • Make sure that any pleats of skirts start below the belly to avoid adding extra volume.
  • Fron under the belly skirts should hang straight.

  • Apple shaped ladies are super cute!!!