Friday, September 2, 2011

Update Your Hair Care Regimen to get to Longer Lengths

So you've been doing everything right, limiting heat and chemical treatments, doing your deep conditioning, and getting regular trims when needed but your hair just isn't getting past it's current length?  Your current hair care regimen could be to blame.  

Here are a few ways to update your healthy hair care regimen:

Does your hair care regimen have great moisture benefits?  Maybe you are lacking protein treatments.  Try adding a bi-weekly protein treatment in the mix and see if your hair responds positively.  Healthy Hair Care Regimens need a moisture:protein mixture to keep hair at it's optimal level.  

On the flip side, if your hair care regimen has amazing strength building protein benefits, you could be lacking moisture.  Moisture is more forgiving than protein so I would experiment with adding a weekly moisturizing deep conditioner to the mix and I would start using a water based moisturizer every few days.       

Are you skipping oils all together?  Oils can be a very essential part of a healthy hair care regimen.  Not only can you use oils to seal in moisture, but oils are very useful when taking care of your scalp.  Jojoba oil and coconut oil are the best oils to use on your scalp because jojoba oil is the closest thing to the natural sebum your scalp creates on it's own and coconut oil is one of the only oils that penetrate deep into the hair shaft.  Think they will weigh your hair down?  The trick is to use just a tiny tiny amount.  Remember you can always use a little more, but removing oil is tricker.