Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spring 2012 Hair Trend: Pulled Back Chic

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a unique pulled back style that was sleek and sophisticated in the front yet girly with a natural in the back, perfectly reflecting the aesthetic of Victoria's Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2012 modern, chic collection.

I needed to break the clean, sleek lines in the front to modernize the look, so I created a rough matte texture in the back. The key is to make it look effortless, which I did by using two distinct textures in one look. Some find it difficult to wear their face so exposed, but the boldness and austerity of the forehead in this look is what makes it beautiful.

–Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Rock the Look:

- Starting with dry hair, comb back a 4-5 inch top section from the forehead to the crown and comb a generous amount of hardwear 16 super strength sculpting gel into the whole section. Clip the end of the section up out of the way.

- Apply guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam through the remainder of the hair until evenly distributed and damp with the product.

- Clip the front section at the crown back with a metal bar clip and then coat the top section with glass 01 smoothing serum for a lacquered finish.

- Let the hair air dry or rough dry with a blow dryer and then add forceful 23 super strength finishing spray for texture, concentrating on the sides so that no stray hairs are around the face.


The Pulled Back Chic Look was also spotted at Prabal Gurung's neo feminist Spring/Summer 2012 runway show.  The style was confident and sporty with a feminine toughness as though the model Didier Malige, lead stylist for Frederic Fekkai, created a bold, sexy 90’s-inspired look to complement just splashed water on her face following a workout.

Rock the look: Start by blow-drying hair straight, use a flat iron if necessary. Mist water throughout the top half of the head. Apply Fekkai COIFF Strong Hold Volume Mousse to wet hair to provide extra hold. Use a fine comb to create a center part and comb the mousse through the hair resulting in a slicked-back look. Spray Fekkai Advanced BRILLANT GLOSSING Sheer Shine Mist over the wet hair for additional shine. Use the low setting on a hairdryer to set the look while maintaining the sleek, wet effect created in the front. Leave the bottom portion of the hair dry and natural. Secure the look with Fekkai COIFF Sheer Hold Hairspray.

Rock the Beauty Look: 

For the face, Studio Moisture Cream was applied because it hydrates and illuminates skin.  Then Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation was lightly buffed into skin to perfect the skin.  Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder was applied through the middle of the face for a polished effect Luna Cream Colour Base was blended in a “C” shape around the temple and eye area to highlight.   M·A·C Pro Sculpt Sculpting Powder Pro Pallette was blended through lower planes and temples to contour.  

The eyes were created with Young Venus In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (available Spring/Summer 2012) blended over the eyelids as a base and highlight.  Warm Thunder In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (available Spring/Summer 2012) was applied through the crease and pulled outwards to elongate.  A dot of Strobe Cream was applied over the eye shadow for a subtle shine.  

The lips were the focus of the look.  M·A·C Pro Process Magenta Chromagraphic Pencil was slightly overdrawn with a blunted tip to achieve the look of just kissed lips.  Finally, M·A·C Pro Black, Burgundy, and Fuchsia Lipmix were all mixed together and applied through the centre of the lip for more impact.