Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lifestyle Leak: New Window Treatments


Finally, I've updated the look of the big glass windows and sliding door leading out to my terrace.  I headed to Ikea looking to pick up a few new accessories for my apartment and ended up buying the Kvartal Curtain and panel suspension system.  I decided on a three layer combination featuring both sliding panels and curtains.  The suspension track system costs $77.44, the panels and curtains brought up the total to about $153.00 Which is so worth it because I had plastic/vinyl panels before.  


I have to tell you that each piece is sold separately so that you can make a 'custom' look, but that adds to the headache because separate pieces mean separate instructions.  Then, add on top of it all, the fact that Ikea uses pictures only so it's multilingual it's a real headache.  But once I got it all installed, panels cut, and 'hemmed' I looks so much better than the before.  

Close up of the panel system

So?!? What do you think? I love the new look it really pulls the entire room and space together and gives it a more polished look.  I'm really proud of the finished product, especially I did it all myself.  That just makes it even more special.