Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flat Ironing Tips

A flat iron is the fastest and, if used incorrectly, the most damaging way to straighten hair. It allows women who have super curly corkscrew curls or those with just wavy hair to get the stick-straight style that they want. Barbara Abbasi, the founder of the Ferrum Professional Styler and owner of American Beauty Hair Salon in California offers some useful tips for clients before they run to their local drug store and begin straightening away.

The Heat Factor
Flat irons expose the hair to a significant amount of heat . Barbara cautions that, “If flat irons are not used properly, you can severely damage your hair. When you start straightening your hair, especially if you do it everyday, you should switch to a thermal protection shampoo, like Thermasilk. This will help protect your hair from excessive heat damage.”

Flat Ironing Do's & Don'ts

•  DO wash your hair properly. Flat irons are less effective on dirty and oily hair.
•  DON'T not use any hair spray or gel on your hair after washing.
•  DO Dry your hair completely, right from the roots to the tips.
•  DO get some help from a straightening balm to it. This will help eliminate any frizz and also protect your hair.
•  DO use a heat protection spray beforehand.
•  DO remove any tangles before you start.
•  DON'T straighten sections of hair no more than 1 inch wide.
•  DON'T flat iron your hair every day.