Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hair and Skin - Beauty in a Nutshell

Cold-pressed coconut oils are the basis of natural hair, and many of the formulas for skin care. There are many coconut oils from which to choose that will nourish and moisturize hair and skin condition.

Beauty short start here:

Coconut oil provides moisturizing benefits for all skin types, helps to treat various skin problems and an excellent hair conditioner. Pure coconut oil and many of the antioxidant properties. The oil is absorbed into the skin, and the structure of the cell from the connective tissue. This provides additional strength and to the softness of tissue, thereby preventing wrinkles and fell from the skin.

Coconut oil reduces hair, and the situation in the scalp and strengthens the structure of damaged hair. Massage a little on your scalp before washing your hair will help to peel away dry skin.

Kukui nut oil penetrates quickly and moisturizes, leaving the skin with non-greasy, silky after feel. Can provide a natural soothing relief for dry skin and can be used as a treatment to alleviate the hot oil scalp dry.

Macadamia nut oil is that oil is very nutritious and often recommended emollients for dry skin or mature it is easy to be absorbed by the skin and contains a non-greasy feel silky.

Shea nuts are crushed and granulated to yield butter. Shea butter is known to provide effective skin care and is rich in acids, oleic fatty natural vitamin E. Shea butter is also known for high moisturizing properties, which helps protect the skin from dehydration and sunburn. Shea nut products are available in foods and applications directly to the skin.

Sweet almond oil is the product of a natural emollient and skin conditioner. Because of the fine texture and natural affinity, it is readily absorbed through the skin, almond oil is non-greasy moisturizer and an excellent occasion for all skin types. Rich in vitamin E.

Tamanu nut oil is a topical healing agent used in the Pacific Islands for centuries as a natural healer wound and skin conditioner. Tamanu oil fades stretch marks and scar tissue with amazing results. Tamanu oil should not be used by anyone with a nut allergy.

Nuts make an excellent body scrub. Grinding cup of nuts. Rub gently on the body to exfoliate dead skin.

Anyone with a known allergy to nuts or nut oils should consult a doctor before using any of the topical preparations.