Monday, January 4, 2010

What to Look For in Virtual Hair Makeovers?

Virtual makeovers are a faster and easier way to know how you will look like after getting a haircut, hair color, a beard or doing any change on your face. For men virtual makeovers are a great way to decide what style they want. It helps them in making a better decision without actually trying the style.

Working of virtual makeovers is simple and instant and you don't have to take any appointment with a hairstylist for this. All you need to do is to upload your photograph and choose the hairstyle, pattern, and other hair attributes you need. Their application will automatically calculate your inputs and give you a finished product in which your face will be adorned with the new makeover. If you don't like it then start again by choosing fresh styles. Nevertheless, finding a good virtual makeover application is quite imperative for getting the job done in the right manner.

You can start with searching for websites providing this service. There are several sites dedicated to online hair makeovers but not all of them are supported by enough hairstyle patterns and programmers. Look for the reviews before wasting your time and before uploading your pictures. Most of the sites take a monthly fee for registering and using their service. In such a case, learning about their performance certainly makes more sense. If they allow you to get a sample makeover for free then things would be easier. But otherwise, enquire through reliable forums and sites for a better review. Some sites have reviews attached to them but it would be better to search from independent sources.

Check out for the quality of styles they provide. Some of them lack a wide collection and they deal with old fashioned makeovers. Your options are limited at times and this is the main issue associated with instant virtual makeovers. But you have better alternatives to makeover sites. There are special men's virtual makeover softwares available nowadays. More providers are getting into this competition with softwares having improved and newer features. Their costs begin from $20. Some are available for free but you never know who well these freebies can work. However, buying a makeover software can certainly provide you with more styles and customizable features. But before purchasing, do enquire with the manufactures whether they have the styles you need with them.

In case of men's virtual makeover applications, look for additional options like getting a mustache, a beard or even accessories like earrings. This would give an edge to your basic makeover. Some of them provide the option of merging your picture with the hairstyle of a celebrity or fashion icon. In short, you can play with your face by trying different styles and colors. And if you feel that uploading your photograph can dissolve your privacy, then you can upload a celebrity's picture whose facial features and shape can be compared with your own.