Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brown Hair

Brunettes are in this season and for all those teens that want to try out a brown hair style, there are many options available. One very attractive style for brown hair is the traditional Bob. In the past few years, this style has come back full swing as a popular choice for girls with brown hair. A Bob style does not mean a lot of hair will need to be cut – many times it just means altering the shape of a cut. Layering is an important factor in achieving the sleekest bob style. Variations of layering allow for many different styling options including the straight and sophisticated look or the naturally messy, tousled look for some added playfulness. Most Bob cuts require you to blow dry the ends under. However, by simply reversing this and blowdrying the ends up, a completely new look is achieved. Brown hair styles such as these can be locked in place with pomade, gel or hairspray.

A Bob is the best cut for showing off bold color contrasts as it incorporates many different lengths of layers. Teens can have fun with color choices, utilizing drastic shades to increase depth and volume. For example, contrasting a deep brown shade in your hair, along with bright red highlights on underneath layers will create a breathtaking and sharp look.

One more fun way to spice up a brown Bob haircut is to add different angles throughout the cut. Having both sides cut at an extreme angle or having one side cut shorter than the other are just a few options. The key is to be creative! Brown hair is in and teens can achieve fun and striking looks with simple variations of style and color.