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Harajuku Rebellion Style

Japan is famous for its fashion & hairstyle which are extreme and seduce the youngsters desire. One of most popular hairstyle is Harajuku. What is the Harajuku?

Harajuku is an area in the middle of Tokyo, exactly around Harajuku Station, in Sibuya District, Tokyo. In the beginning of 1990s, it is an important area that connects Tokyo to other sorrounding districts. 1n 1906, The station was opened as an expansion of Yamanote railway. Several years later there were various kind of department stores around the place that led to the existance of fashion centres. This area became famous all over Japan after having been broadcasted through some fashion magazine like Anan and non-no. That time, some group of girls were recognized wandering around Harajuku area. Their fashion immitated the style of fashion models in the Anan and non-no magazine. And until now, group of youngsters wearing extreme styles can be seen in this area. Harajuku becomes icon of fashion style rebellion in Japan.

In the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, most officers generally wear dark coats, dark trousers, white shirts, dark ties, dark suitcases, their hair was well combed, and they walk fast because they do not want to waste time. Students wear uniform determined by school authority. But in Harajuku, there is a rebellion of fashion. The youngsters refuse to wear neat and tidy clothes. Their desire to be creative is expressed through extreme, glamorous fashion and hair style. Not only extreme hair style they perform, but also extreme hair colour like green, purple, red, blue, golden blonde, grey, silver, pink, and ash.

The contrast performance between design, colour, motif, size, and the kind of clothes is the specialty of this fashion style. Harajuku style is divided into several types. Sometimes the style is adapted to the beautifull doll from Japan with white pale skin and nice dressing like the doll displayed in the window. This style is called Lolita. There is also a style called Cosplay (costume play). This style immitates the character of a hero or bandit in the anime or other cartoon movie in Japan. Those style are mostly adopted and promoted by J-Rock personnels. J-Rock is a name of a band from Japan. The assimetrical hair with loud colour is one of their hair style. The assimetrical hair is the hair that is cut unevenly. For example, one part is long but other part is short. Or the length on the left and right side are different.

The fashion style then becomes more famous in many countries. In America, the Harajuku fashion style is getting more famous after a singer from America, Gwen Stefani, created a song that carried the theme of Harajuku fashion entitled 'Harajuku Girls'. In promoting his song, Gwen seemed employing some dancers wearing Harajuku fashion in some of her concert all over the world.

Wigs for Fun and Fashion

Wigs are false hair made from different sources. Wigs can either be made from human or synthetic hair. Wigs are worn on the head for adornment, ceremony or to disguise hair loss. Vogue Wigs offers a diverse range of wigs for aesthetic and stylistic purposes. They can be worn for special occasions, theatrical purposes, everyday use, or just for fun.

Wearing wigs can transform a person’s entire look. It can give personality to a makeover. Whatever look you want to achieve Vogue Wigs will have something available for what you are looking for. The wigs come in a variety of lengths: long hair, medium and short. They can be curly, straight, asymmetrical, layered or feathered. Vogue Wigs has a wide assortment which will leave you breathless. Beautiful synthetic hair made from first rate quality man-made fiber which is practically impossible to differentiate from human hair.

Compared to human hair, synthetic hair is priced lower which makes it affordable in any budget. Care of synthetic hair is much easier and simpler. But in any case caring is vital to maintain the condition of the wig you invested in. Protecting your investment will give you much more wear out of your wig. Vogue Wigs believes that with the proper care, their products can endure the test of time.

Vogue Wigs has given out tips on how to care for synthetic wigs. Since the wigs at Vogue Wigs are pre-styled, upkeep or maintenance of the wigs is easy and simple. The Alan Eaton brand of wigs at Vogue Wigs is made of heat-resistant fiber as compared to other synthetic wigs. Irons, rollers or blow dryers should not be used on other synthetic wigs. Even hair tinting or dye should not be done to synthetic wigs because it can damage the fibers permanently. The harsh chemicals used in the formulation of the hair dyes are not good for synthetic fibers.

At Vogue Wigs you can find a wide selection of fabulous synthetic hair, hair extensions, human hair wigs, African American wigs, hairpieces, and costume wigs and even children’s wigs. Some wigs are on sale and are specially discounted items. The sale items are equally fantastic as the regular priced items. This is an opportunity that does not come often. So when it does, don’t pass up the chance for a great buy. The wigs are just as fantastic. They look too real to be called wigs.

In choosing wigs, you have to know your head size. Most of the time, the average size will fit the majority of women. In selecting a wig, you may want to consider what the purpose of the wig will be for. Some people use wigs as hair replacement and some use wigs as an accessory for a change in hairstyle. Choose from curly to short to straight and long, from blond to redhead whatever makes you tick.

Wigs are fun but they also need attention and care. Vogue Wigs offers wig accessories for its upkeep and prolonging the wear. You need to have the right shampoo and conditioner, texturing wig cleanser and wooden styling brush. A wig stand can maintain the form and keep the hair from knotting. Never fold the wig because it can deform. Caring for your wig is just as caring for your own hair. Wigs are your hair’s extensions. They also speak about your personality.

Tips on Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be attached in several ways. The hair can be braided across the head and then extensions are sewn onto the braids. Extensions can be glued or clamped to sections of hair. Clip on extensions can be applied by the client, removed and reused. Extensions make hair look longer and thicker. I would go with the clamp on version if I wanted permanent extensions.

Hair extensions can be a lot of fun if you are aware of the risks and the procedures. When you get hair extensions make sure that you use a gentle shampoo and also that you condition your hair properly. Your hair dresser will give you more details. There are new hair extensions available, the clip on ones, a couple of my friends have them and they look really class!! just pop down to the nearest hair dressers and ask if they sell them or know where you can but some.

Try the clip in hair extentions, theyre called that but dont actually clip in, what it is, it's a layer of hair stuck on with glue with little staples, sounds wierd but actually are comfortable, they last about 2 months these are also re-useable if you look after them well. Also you can put in as much layers you want. Take the extensions to a salon and let the stylist put them in. Should be cheaper than the stylist actually doing individual extensions ( as opposed to a clip on piece). Pay attention to how the stylist adds them in and then duplicate this yourself.

Clip-In Extensions - They work great if you don’t want anything permanent. Braiding paste can help keep the clip from slipping out. Be careful with long-term use in the same areas, as users have been known to experience hair loss.

Hairlocs - This system utilizes small metal tubes that has been pre-tipped with an adhesive. It is very similar if not almost identical to Eurolocs. Once the metal tube is threaded onto your own hair, a lock of pre-tipped hair is inserted into the tube and then it was clamped, so to speak, thereby adhering the extension hair to your own without the use of hot or cold adhesive.

It's important to use the right products otherwise the hair may fall out or be unmanagable. Some hair extensions are noticable but nowerdays depending on where you get them done can look really natural. You don't know until you've tried them, but it's worth going to professionals as they can go wrong, well not nessecarily wrong but maybe not natural looking or the hair quality isn't of high standards.

Jessica Simpson has a hair extension at target that just clip in and you can get them for like 13 or 14 dollars. They have all diff rent colors that match your hair color.

Well for hair extentions it depends on how long your hair is and if you do get some make sure it's your color and 100% human hair it will look much better than anything else but it"s kinda pricey some cost like 22-up you can get it anywhere.

It is a well known fact that hair extensions can do damage to your natural hair. The glue that is attached to your natural hair can burn and split the ends of your hair. This means that you will almost always be required to have the ends of your hair cut after the extensions are removed.

Male Hairstyles Psychology

Hairstyle is one part of nonverbal communication that can reveal your personality. Man's personality can be read from what hairstyle he has, what color it has, how often he changes his hairstyle, etc. Hairstyle is one part of object communication to read or enhance personality, so it's important to remember other object to avoid misread.

* Bald Hairstyle
Bald is sexy. Not every man dare to get bald hairstyle. If he has an irregular scar on his scalp or shaped head, he won't to reveal it. Go bald by head shaving is also one of the best ways to hide bald spot, receding hairline, and hair loss. Hiding man's going bald is a common way. But, if a bald man always hide it everywhere & every time he goes (by using a hat or wig), then he is not proud of himself. He feels insecure and doesn't want people to know his weakness. He will no more attractive than before. Actually, going bald is a normal process for men. Male celebrities who are really proud to be bald such as Bruce Willis, Zinedine Zidane, Mike Tyson, etc.

* Short Tidy Hairstyle
Short hair on a man can be interpreted as diligent, active, dependability, & hard work. Jobs that require active & practical may also require a man to always get short hair. The jobs including military, sports, police, etc.

* Change Hairstyle Often
If he is always curious to get new style, then he is an adventurous man who requires courage & has a lot of creativity. He can adapt to a new surrounding easily. One of professions that requires to change his hairstyle often is movie star. Movie star should adapt in new role he plays easily & demanded to change his hairstyle to follow his role.

* Mohawk & Punk Style
Commonly worn by youngsters. A man who gets this hair can be interpreted as against the rule & rebellious. He likes to be remembered, to be free, anti-authoritarianism, & has a sense of humor.

* High Maintenance Hairstyles
High maintenance means styling, dying, ever-changing, & creating artistic hair. High maintenance hairstyle is difficult to be maintained. It requires a lot of money. So, a man with high maintenance hairdo usually has a lot of money. He also give attention to his clothes, shoes, and other appearance. He always follow the latest fashion.

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Fall 2008 Mens Hairstyles Fashion Trends Hot

There are many hairstyles for men to look stylish and sexy this fall 2008.Hair is the main look for any, changing a hairstyle at any time should be done with utmost care as once haircut is done you need time to roll ack your changes .So, be cautious about selecting your hairstyle for this fall 2008.

Trendy hairstyles for fall 2008 include spiked haircuts, mohawks, curly, emo hairstyles, buzz cuts etc. Wild haircuts include Mohawks, punk rock,Emo, buzz cut, and faux hawk.Below are the various hairstyles to try out this fall 2008.

Medium Elegant Wavy Curly Hairstyles For Cool Guys

Wavy hairstyles always very elegant and sexy to watch any man.Those men with the natural curls in thier hairstyle are a bit more attractive to women.Curly hair can be styled in various patterns and textures to make it look more great.

Mens wavy hairstyles with long curls on brown hair
Mens medium curly hairstyles with spiked up hair
These are some of the most commonly used curly haircuts that suits any kind of person if styled in right proportions.Below are some great wavy haircuts for men with curls to try out.

Mens short curly hairstyle with front curls on forehead
Guys medium short curly hairstyles for black hair
Mens Curly and wavy hairstyles with big curls

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wild And Extreme Trendy Hairstyles Fashion For Guys

Most of the guys are always ready to try out something that is really wild and extreme fashion which normal people dare to try them.Those men with the real guts can try out the extreme hairstyles waiting for you.

Below there are different hairstyles with great shining textures like mohawk haircut, fanned mohawks, extreme curly hairs, emo hairstyles, straight layered hairstyles and many more various haircuts to try out for showing your wildness.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hairstyles For Teens With Very Long Fashionable Bangs

Young boys in the teenage look more sexy when they apply side bangs to their hairstyles up to their shoulder or long enough to give a fashionble look.Below there are so many great looking medium hairstyles for men with very long bangs blended in various haircuts.These haircuts can be maintained easily and makes you much more attractive ..

Young Boys Hairstyles With Long Fashionable Bangs

Mens Medium Teens Hairstyle With Very Long Bangs
Guys shoulder Length Bangs on brown hair
Mens medium length blonde hairstyles with long layered bangs

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion mens haircuts: Chopped Men's Hair Style 2009

Asian mans hairstyle
Asian man hairstyle
This Asian mens hairstyle, straight jagged lines that are chopped and textured into irregular locations to flip up, stand out and also lie into the smooth shag designed, is a treasury of lighthearted hair. Spraying a light fixing gel in trouble areas will increase your success when you blow dry.

Short Layered Shag Hairstyles With Side Bangs For Men

Cool mens Short Shaggy Hair stylecool mens haircool mens hair

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chinese HairStyle 2009

Not only in Japan ahead in the business of hair that Chinese development is also experiencing a very significant problem, some of the best among many models that mimic the style of Chinese hair if your hair model lovers surely you do not skip this one ...

In early times in Fuzhou, South China, yisao and yimei (married woman and unmarried woman) could be distinguished from each other according to their hairstyle. In the period after the Qing Dynasty and at the beginning of the Republic of China, married women there wore their hair in a bun while unmarried women wore their hair in a plait, which was a generally accepted custom, and no one should go against it. Those with a bun were called respectfully "yisao" while those with a plait were called "yimei" endearingly. So the mark was clear, and the borderline was definite: you can judge at first sight, without mistake.
By the 1920's and 1930's, married women's hairstyle changed gradually from the bun to the modish perm. On the day before wedding, the girl went to the barber's to have her hair permed, accompanied by her lady friend or relative. After the perming, when she walked on the street, every one (whether acquaintances or strangers) could understand that she would become a bride soon. In that period, the boundary between yisao and yimei was still clear, so, you would not make a mistake if you call someone according to her hairstyle.
Later on, unmarried teenage girls also had their hair permed, and some yisao who had become mothers still plaited their hair, so it became hard to tell a yisao from a yimei only according to the hairstyle.

By : Rofi

Japan HairStyle 2009

Perhaps the trend of hair at this time the trend has been mushroom haircut Japan, because Japan has a strong power of art in the matter of hair then we should lift the cap to the Japanese state, and it seems I also want to change my hair look like models of hair below .. .

Japan Hairstyle 2009
Japan Hairstyle 2009
Japan Hairstyle 2009
Japan Hairstyle 2009
By : rofi

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hair Healthy and growing

It is not easy to prolong the hair and the hair quickly because you need the intensive treatment. Maybe you've tried all ways to regenerate hair much faster, but still you just do not get it. There are several ways you can do it easier for you to get the hair grow long, see below.

The first is the smooth flow of blood in your head. To try to stimulate hair growth expedite the flow of blood in the head so that the supply of nutrients to be more to the hair. Make pemijatan scalp with the tip of your finger-tip every day. Would be better if you do at the time the hair still wet, while shampoo and dry. Before you sleep, try and subjected the hairbrush with soft start and to the ends of the hair root. Or you can do strength exercises of the heart as aerobic and joging. This activity will stimulate the heart to pump blood faster to the entire body so that the nutrients to the root of the hair more quickly.

The second step is to remove the tip of the hair that is damaged. Usually, the tip of the tip of the damaged hair will spread to the hair shaft and causes the hair shaft is broken, if not participate in treatment. So overall the hair can become damaged more quickly, including the new hair grows. To prevent this you should cut your hair every 8 to 10 hours once you try and trim the ends of the hair-tip you. Explain to the stylist that you only want to cut the edge-edge hair in pieces that are broken. Usually stylist will be cut in the dry is very difficult to detect because the tip of the hair that broke out in wet conditions.

Third is the skin of your head to breathe. Because the hair that will be closed to make the oil and dirt accumulate on the root of the hair so that the skin can not breathe. This will make the hair growth become disrupted. In order for hair growth is running well then you should always keep the head clean Wit. If you often sweat or oily hair then you do not have one to do the shampoo every day using a very gentle shampoo according to your type of hair. Keep cleaning device hairdo, especially when the comb because the dirty kotorannya will accumulate on the hair and scalp every time you menyisirnya.

The last is to indulge your hair. You need to know is the long hair is the hair that tends to be older and frail. So you must treat it with very careful to choose gentle shampoo that has a moisturizer womb. If you frequently use a hairdryer, vice and other equipment stylist you should oleskan kondisioner and serim after you shampoo. This serves to protect the hair from the high temperature. Do also with the hair care memasker hair once a week so your hair more healthy. We suggest you also do not too often bind to the hair because it will ease back into the hair broken. Not so difficult just to get healthy hair?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hair Spa, Overcoming 'Stress' Hair

Hair that can also experience stress, which requires relaxation laiknya soul and mind when the owner was kesuntukan, and try to find the self-pacification. It is not surprising then that a spa treatment has become part of the lifestyle, are also applied to give attention to the strand-strand crown it.
Hair Spa, according to staff based natural product cosmetics Natural Pro 2000, Kunti Prasetyoastuti, can be a solution to hair stress, caused by various factors. Of mutually shampoo (shampoo), exposed to direct sun exposure, as well as the process of hair coloring and drying the hair using the device (hair dryer) with the intensity of high temperature.
"Hair broken in pieces, reddish, opaque, and fall, the characteristics of hair stress, which is nearly identical with perhaps our minds, that looks disheveled when stress," said Tuti, greeting familiar Kunti found at the arena in Bernas Jogja exhibition products herbal performed in JEC (Jogja Expo Center), Friday (16 / 9).
Hair with hair care spa in principle to provide flexibility to the hair to breathe and berelaksasi, with a pore-pore skin head, and then give nutrition to restore the condition of damaged hair.
Hair spa, and Tuti said not to be done in the center-center beauty (beauty center), which offers care packages with the price and take selangit for hours.
Hair spa treatment can be done at home, in leisure time rift, with the process of around 45 minutes. After washing hair with shampoo, which is then required aromatherapy oil that has been burned, to be smeared, a massage to the scalp with a function to open the pore. This process is also intended to give effect relaxation, and facilitate absorption of hair spa cream to hair. While hair spa in the cream and made from various natural materials, such as vitamin E, essential oil of diperkaya lavender flower, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and sandalwood into a kind of nourishing the hair to restore the condition.
Hair spa for hair Tuti said stress should be done periodically, but too often do not have to, just to the intensity of a one-time per month. Without waiting for stress, treatment is necessary is done, just enough to give room for the hair to berlega, relaks, without burdened by the behavior of the free menurutkan hair trends, such as coloring, hair-perm hair up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful Hair with the Hair Spa

Hair spa treatment in the more popular ear womanhood. Especially for those who have experienced serious problems with the hair. Now, the hair treatment is enough attractive women Jambi. Ny Silvia (32) of Road Aditiya Warman Thehok Jambi City is one of the women who make the hair a spa treatment on a regular basis since six months ago.

Choosing this treatment because he felt there was something wrong with the hair. "Jujur course, I include penggila hair. Since the model's hair style trends in Japan so this trend, I have about three times straighten hair with the only technique that hair. So, my hair so problematic and need a more specific treatment of krembat. Well, by the salon my subscription, I suggested using a hair spa techniques, "the mother of two sons beber this. Wife of the plantation of oil palm and rubber menuturkan this, other than the broken as the tip of the fork in the hair, broken in pieces and redness, also experience hair kerontokan. So, to restore the health of hair, he suggested using a hair spa treatment that.
"Alhamdullilah, after six months to do hair spa treatment, there is a change in my hair," said the woman is white. Then, when this tiny woman do have a certain hair spa treatment? "If I only once a month according to suggestions stylist," he said.
Irma (32) of The Road Kayo Pingai Talangbanjar Kota Jambi Jambi is a woman who often do hair spa treatment. However, women who are now still honor these teachers do not have a regular schedule. "Everything depends on mood, and condition the hair," the mother of one son beber this.
Sembako the wife of this said, because it always put in a veil kesehariannya activity, therefore it has a fairly serious problem with the hair. "The key is, kerontokan hair," he said. According to him, in general, hair spa treatment does not vary with krembat. This therapy also makes the head feel comfortable and rileks. In addition, after dikrembat hair also feels soft and easily managed.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do and Don't Hair Spa

Do not make careless hair spa therapy. So the results in accordance with the expected, it's good you know the things that should be avoided or done before the therapy.

- If your hair is too swell, it is recommended to try the hair spa. Because the spa has excess hair that can make the texture of the hair becomes more smooth the hair to become weak. Select treatments that provide nutrition, so that the hair look healthy and be more easily managed.
- The same applies if your hair are dry. Therapy spa provides hair Feed specifically for the hair to provide moisture. Select a spa with hair vitamins, which makes the hair dry to be more luminous.

- If you have hair that is thin and weak, should be tempted to make a hair spa treatment. Is the melembutkan would be drenched and the fall.
- Spa's hair is also not actually help the problem of hair fall out. Because the hair spa is only effective for the hair is not the root of the hair and scalp. Brace penumbuh tonic and hair (hair tonic) remains the appropriate solution.

Long Wavy Short Formal Tuxedo Hairstyles for men

Men needs to look like a royal king in certain occassions like cocktail parties,weddings,company functions or any young guys going for their prom ballerina dancing ground.Tuxedos are very commonly used by every man to look stylish and give a formal look simultaneously.

Mens Tuxedo Long hairstyle for blonde hair with side bangs
Medium tuxedo formal hairstyles for boys with black thick hair
Wearing a tuxedo with the right hairstyle that suits your body
perfectly can make you king of any party.Below are the latest formal
tuxedo hairstyles for guys with long,short,curly,wavy,medium or any
type of thick, thin, blonde, black hair.

Long Tuxedo hairstyles for blonde haired guys with long side bangs
Short wavy tuxedo haircut for men with dark black hair