Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simple but Elegant Bun

"Now many more women that emphasizes the simple framework of the hair and elegant. They are less like the traditional form of hairpin because ribet," said Dinar, make up artist and hair stylist in the salon of Kat Street Hang Tuah Raya No. 20, Jakarta Selatan.

Dinar presents two models of hair that can be tried in their own home. Two models of hairpin ditawarkannya simple but elegant. "There are several kinds of hair styles that can be used as a guide. The style is very simple, so it can be done alone at home," he said.
Hairpin Dewi

Hairpin match is used on Kartini Day. Simple model and does not need much sasakan. Tahapannya following:
- For the hair into two sections, namely the top half and the bottom half. Then take the hair and the bottom of the bunch.
- Sasak dikucir hair that was it. After that, the hair and bangs sasak the top. Give a hairspray that hair stronger and durable.
- To the bottom of the hair, attach hairnet first, then turn towards the hair and in the jaws.
- Set the top of the hair, pull back and catch the hairpin.
- The remaining hair into shape and bukle. Add accessories to sweeten bun.
French Twist
This haircut is suitable for women who want to appear simple.
- For the hair into two sections and sasak. The bottom of the hair and being mashed to the right and dijepit the hairpin.
- Then, the right hair and drawn digulung head to the left, then dijepit. This model with a model called the twist.
- Hair that has been the top disasak be made to the rear. The remaining hair is formed bukle, and given dijepit hairspray.
- Bangs that have been mashed and disasak was drawn up and given the hairspray. Add accessories to make it more sweet.