Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long Curly Hairstyle - Ashlee Simpson

If looks could kill then Ashlee Simpson might already kill many man. Who can�t fall in love with this sweet girl, compare to Jessica, I think Ashlee is much more beautiful. Here Ashlee shows off her pop culture, wavy, golden locks hair. She looks even more beautiful with her beachy waves than the last time she used straight and sleek hairstyle.


To get this hairstyle while you have straight hair, try these steps below:
1. You need to wash your hair the night before, then wrap with a towel 10-15 minutes to dry out the excess water.
2. Separate your hair into two halves
3. Now you need to braid each part of your hair, secure them with ponytail holders.
4. Leave you hair just like that all night long, sleep with it.
5. In the morning when you remove those ponytail holders, you already have beachy waves. You can also try to spray your hair to hold your waves and keep them looking natural!



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