Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyles will always have a place in society. From American Indians who used to wear them to the punk rockers of today, mohawk hairstyles have always caught attention. If your a punk rocker, not Rock and Roll long hair, but an I don't care, the wilder my hair looks the better, then you probably have either wanted or already tried mohawk hair.
For us punk rockers, mohawk hairstyles allows expression while looking freaking awesome and has always been a favorite punk hairstyle. I have even heard of it compared to roosters red crown and how they are used to showoff themselves. When I sported my mohawk hair, what I focused on was getting the mohawk hairstyle has high as possible and with as much color to make it stand out. We will list some of the best mohawk hairstyles and a few of the worst.

Easy Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hair is very easy to have done. The mohawk is basically a strip of hair of varing length from either your forehead or further back that runs to the back of your head. Hair length can be long, short, spiky, wave, or any other creative shaping. Usually a mohawk is a couple of inches wide but can vary depending on the look. Using very long-lasting and very strong gel, mold the hair into any shape as long as it all flows inline. I recommend TIGI BEDHEAD Hard Head Mohawk because that stuff really molds your hair and allows you to get creative.

Mohawk hairstyle Types

There are many different types of mohawk hairstyles and I am proud to say I have sported many of them. My tip is to v ary the size and shaping of your hair every time you go out because the different looks just look awesome. Going to thin or too wide on the strip is also a bad idea because it just doesn't give the mohawk hair look.

Types of Mowhawk Hair

Long and Pointy - with this style, hair is long andmolded into sharp, pointy strands that stick upright, the strands can either go inline or stick out in varying degrees for a even more wild punk hairstyle

Short and spiky - this mohawk hairstyle uses a little wider amount of hair that is much shorter in length, it is much like a strip of carpet as all the short hairs are spike up along the strip

Horses Mane - this mohawk hair is one of my favorites because it reminds me of those old gladiator movies with their helmets with strands of horse hair flowing along the back, but here its actually on your head and it looks great, the secret here is to have medium hair length with a little wider strip which can be spike towards the center to form a triangular link.

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