Friday, December 19, 2008

Brad Pitt Long hairstyles Summer

Brad Pitt Long hairstyle pictures.
Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
This is a stunning picture - strong muscly arms, intense stare, and that beautiful long bleached hair. And I really like the subtle (if unintentional) suggestion that his wrists might be tied together.
Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
A bit softer and more clean-cut, this one. But that smouldering look still does it for me. The Italian caption says something like 'blonde, blue eyes... with a smile that sets feminism back 25 years'. I know what they mean.
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mens haircuts long -Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
From around the time of 'Kalifornia', I really like this look - a little bit trailer-trash, a little bit rock god, and more aggressive than the picture above.
mens long hairstyle
Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
From 'Legends of the Fall' - I'm not so keen on the cowboy look myself.
male celebrity Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
He's got long bleach-blonde hair, he looks sort of pensive, he's got a cigarette on the go... and he's playing the guitar. Be still my foolish heart.
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celebrity Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
Brad Pitt Long hairstyles
Brad Pitt with this long Hairstyles is so handsome! so cool !
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